The Breed

The Australian White breed was developed in Australia for Australian conditions, using four existing breeds – Dorper, Poll Dorset, Texel and Van Rooy – in an extensive breeding and selection program.

Australian White sheep are a hardy, shedding hair pattern sheep with sound structure, producing quick growing marketable lambs suitable for Australian producers and processors. Australian White sheep are great to work with, they are easy to handle and have great mothering capabilities, making the breed an ideal low maintenance option, suited for Australian conditions.

Full shedding

No lice

High growth rates

Low maintenance

Hair pattern

No fly-strike

Strong mothering instincts

Solid feet

Our Australian White sheep

At Rockley Australian Whites we aim to produce medium to large framed sheep that display the essential traits of the Australian White; good shedding ability, strong mothering instincts, good temperament and high growth rates in lambs.

We run a self-replacing flock of ewes. By constantly looking to improve the quality of our flock, we only retain ewes with sound feet and legs, show early maturing and that handle the conditions of our environment. By selecting top quality rams from some of the leading Australian White studs we insure that our flocks genetics are always improving with the breed.