Farm history

Situated 5km from beautiful Beechworth, North East Victoria, Rockley is a small family run farm operating on 239 hectares surrounded by National Park and rolling hills. The farm has been in the family since the 1960s and has always produced quality pasture fed cattle and sheep to local markets. Cattle has been the main livestock output for the past 20 years – and now sheep are making a welcome return!

Introduction of Australian White sheep

Rockley Australian Whites is operated by husband and wife, Tom and Paige Schweizer. When looking to work into the family farm, we were looking for a low maintenance sheep breed, that would work alongside the family cattle operation. We came across a new composite breed, the Australian White, which proven to be a great addition for the farm.

Since purchasing a small flock of commercial Australian Whites ewes and a stud ram in 2015, we have grown our flock with the addition of some pure Australian Whites in 2017 – now operating an extensive breeding program, we continue to improve and develop sheep that work in our environmental conditions.

The future

We continue to grow an expand the Australian White sheep stud operation, with plans to add more breeding stock each year.

Alongside the Australian White sheep stud operation, we have setup Rockley Lamb to offer top quality Australian White lamb to local butchers and restaurants, this is an area we see great growth for our operation.

Regenerative farming

With the changing climate and increasing costs of farming inputs, regenerative farming makes sense for a profitable and rewarding farm enterprise.

We don’t use any chemical fertilisers on any of our land, only natural and organic matter is added to stimulate growth and improve the soil condition. Our pastures are allowed to grow naturally without the removal of “weeds” with chemical spraying.

We’re also committed to farming without pesticides, hormones or antibiotics that are harmful to the environment, animals and people.

We strongly believe that improving the natural health of our environment will have a positive impact on the health and quality of our livestock.