Discover the Australian White difference

Rockley Australian Whites is a registered breeder in Beechworth, North East Victoria. We breed Australian White sheep, a low maintenance, shedding hair pattern sheep.

A breed for Australia

A stabilised purebreed with early maturing. Able to join in an open breeding season, Australian White sheep have high reproductive capabilities and are ideal for a self-replacing flock.

Low maintenence

Great temperament, easy to work with. Australian White sheep have hair pattern, with good shedding and no shearing. No lice. No flystrike and sound feet and legs.

Good growth rates

Australian White sheep are a fast growing and high dressing lamb. Able to adapt to environmental conditions and suitable for domestic and export markets.

Australian White sheep

We produce sheep that display the essential traits of the Australian White; good shedding ability, strong mothering instincts, and high growth rates in lambs.

Taste the difference in our lamb

Australian White lamb eats like no other lamb, with melt in your mouth tenderness.

Excellent eating quality

High in Omega 3

Even fat cover

Low fat melting point

Natural marbling

High protein

One of the great benefits of Australian White sheep, is its superb eating quality.